2016 Lexus RX

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Looking pretty slick already.
Add this to the already long list of all new models being introduced in a few weeks at the New York auto show.

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  1. The body looks sleek but the rear window is too weird…..reminiscent of a sedan profile with way too much murano influence

    love those wheels though

  2. I see Lexus is stealing Nissan's floating roof treatment for the C pillar. And this has a potential of looking like a mess, just like the NX. Too bad cause Lexus cars never break and are rock solid.

  3. I in NO WAY believe this is the a rendering of the new RX. Look at the rear. Lexus just isn't going to mess with its SUV success by turning it into a hatch.

    Folks, if you think about it, this is closer to an A7… and >IF< Lexus actually has anything to do with this rendering, its probably to test people's interest in the 4-dr coupe profile for their brand.

  4. Of course it didn't steal the Murano, the 2011 Optiama came out first. Both Nissan and Toyota copied Kia.

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