2016 Lexus RX???

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This does look like an illustration to me.
Unless it’s real?
Although it doesn’t nearly as slick as the official teaser from my previous post, it does seem pretty close.
But the lights are different…

What do you think?

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  1. It looks about how I would expect it to look. A little risky, definitely less feminine. The only obvious missteps are the reflectors. Their door handles scream "look at me" too.

    Let's hope the front doesn't look as awful as most everything else they've done lately (and that we don't see a return of vinyl tops next). The license plate cutout leads me to believe we'll be seeing more of the Predator "face" though.

  2. To me, this design looks enough crapy to be the real thing. I don't know why, but Lexus design team seems very inspired with most of their concepts, but it always end up totally messed up at the end. And what about the tacky interior trims! I'm not surprised to see that much Audi's on the road… But i'm really tired of it! Why no premium car manufacturer can come out with something original and well design inside and out???

  3. It looks way too much like a Rav4.
    I don't know that it is a Rav4 underneath, but that's certainly the impression it gives off.

    This thing will probably flop just like the HS 250h that looked just like a Corolla, even though it was based on a slightly different platform.

  4. here's my thoughts…….lexus and toyota have struggled to keep their vehicles recall free. they recall more than any other, yet still sell. they recall for safety related issues, they have been in court for consumer deaths just like GM. I can't figure the car world out. GM and Toyota , apparantly have hiddebn safety info, yet still sell a ton, . Are people blind?

  5. I believe car and driver (where this pic is from feb. 2015) said it is an illustration based on spy shots

  6. No one is going to give the 2011 Optima and 2012 Kia GT concpt their prompts or starting a new trend huh? Yet if the Optim debuted a year after the Rx than it would be the copycat.

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