All new 2016/17 Audi A4. Caught.

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 Looking… Really sad.
The exterior, of course, looks like the same thing over and over again.
At least from this front picture, but you know the whole think looks like a squared off version of the current one.
And that interior… So flat. Even though the prototype above is missing trims, steering wheel etc.
You know nothing’s exciting is coming.

Here is the interior of the new Q7.
As you can see, the new A4 above is pretty much the same in a smaller size.

The whole thing is pretty sad.
I mean just look at what Mercedes did with the new C-Class interior.

Looks like Audi is not standing still, but actually regressing.

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  1. I agree. Regressing big time. The only decent dash now is in the A8–lets hope they don't cheap out on that by deleating the wood.

  2. Very sad. Audi once was a true innovator. The VW Group has really gone complacent with Audi. I guess strong sales mean they don't want to make any changes.

    But it is going to bite them sooner or later. The world is changing much too fast.

  3. I haven't seen enough of the exterior to comment on it yet. For some reason, Audi sedans appear very plain and boring in pictures, but have much more presence when see in person.

    One thing I don't like about the interior is the extended air vent treatment across the dashboard. What a lazy way to design a dashboard.

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