Mini Super Leggera approved for production.

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 If these patent drawings are real, it looks like they are keeping most of the original design.
Which is good.
This might be the closest competition to the new Mazda Miata.

It does have a lot of personality. And many cool retro touches, while looking strangely futuristic.
I must admit, I am really not a fan of the latest Miata. (I think I liked the previous one better.)

Plus, more choices is always better.

This is the original concept.

Engines for the production car should be the same ones used in all other Mini models.
But I hope they give the Leggera a different interior than the rest of the line up. Something closer to the concept.
And. Please. A new name!

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  1. The Miata has never been the classiest thing on wheels. The concept is classier in some respects, but awkward and downright cheap in others. I predict it doesn't do so hot, at least not for very long.

  2. I really dig it. Of course there will be concessions translating the show car to a road car in terms of meeting crash testing and the use of the corporate Mini parts bin but the patent drawings seem like it's not going to be watered down too much.

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