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As you can see, the “all new’ iA sedan for Scion is just a Mazda2 sedan with a redesigned front end.
Basically just the bumper and headlights.

So weird to see a giant auto maker like Toyota rebadging a Mazda.
Like if they didn’t have anything of their own to offer.

So despite what they say about Scion, they still aren’t spending much money on it.
The other “new” Scion will be the iM. Which is a Toyota Auris from Europe.
Nothing new either, but at least, it is a Toyota.

Creating a whole brand without actually spending much.

Lazy/cheap? Or smart?

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  1. They should've changed the tail lights also, it looks like a chinese copy. Where they merge 2-3 cars to create one "new" car. hahaha

  2. Scion launched with the xB, and in my opinion should die with the xB. The xD and iQ have already left the fold, and the tC and FR-S could easily be rebadged as the Toyota Celica and GT86.. then the iM could just enter the market with the Toyta Matrix nameplate it deserves. As for this iA, they should either rebadge it as the Toyota Echo or Tercel or just let Mazda sell it with their superior front end.

  3. Mazda should be selling this, not Scion (Toyota). Other than that horrible Scion inspired front end restyling, the car is clearly a Mazda design.

    As stated above, Toyota needs to fold the tent on Scion. It doesn't offer anything that couldn't be sold under the Toyota banner.

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