VW Sport Coupe Concept GTE

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Another “coupe that is NOT a coupe” concept from VW.
Looking really good, but somehow, a bit old to me.

Still, this would fit really nicely above the Passat.
Which is exactly what the production version will be. It is about 3 inches longer than the current CC.
While the wheelbase is about 12 inches longer!

So this is definitely more car than the CC.

We’ll see how long it takes VW to turn this into a production car (The average has been about 18 years so far, so it seems)

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  1. Yes we may never see it within decade;-). Looks to me lot more modern than anything that VW is offering in US (e.g. Golf/Passat/Jetta).

    Hopefully it's a liftback like the A5 sportback. That would make it unique and styling is I think pretty good.

  2. Actually, I think it looks a lot like the Audi A7 from these pictures…at least the shape. Wouldn't be surprised if a few of the body panels were conspicuously identical

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