2016 Chevrolet Camaro

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An all new Camaro is just a few days away now.
So all we get is this picture of the rear part.
Which shows, like they had mentioned before, an evolution of the current design.

Too bad about that old looking spoiler. Which looks like some cheap Pep Boys add on.

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  1. I have zero issue with the spoiler. Zero. Although I do wonder about the aesthetic of the center support. What looks cheap as all heck, all h-e-c-k, is the CHMSL, IMO.

    Earth to GM: this is not, I repeat, NOT a Cobalt. Nor a Cruise. Nor a Spark… or one the many other cheap **** boxes you're so fond of putting the bow-tie on!


    I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but based on what I've seen so far, I think this is going to be bad. (That's putting it mildly, FWIW.)

    I do hope you'll have lots of pics when it's unveiled; this is the "big one" I've been waiting to see for a long, long time!

    I probably won't be frequenting the car sites after this one, at least not nearly as much. In advance of that merry day, let me just say how much I've enjoyed your blog over the years, Vince.

    Unlike many of the car sites out there, you and the commenters here are real people. By that, I mean the posts here lack the bias, the annoying "rose colored glasses" and fanboyisms found most everywhere else (the grumpy, knee-jerk, power hungry, twerp moderators, who add nothing to any discussion, have been a welcome subtraction, as well).

    Finally, even though this is 100% your site, it's never been all ABOUT you–something the young narcissists running some of the other sites into the ground can and, most definitely, should learn from you.

    Thank you.


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