2016 Chevrolet Malibu

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The new Malibu is quite a departure.
So far, I like the one from 2 generations ago the best. That design was really great and simple.
The current one always looked like a bad copy.

This new one is really going for something else.
(Too bad they didn’t go all the way and made it a real hatchback…)

The “big” 2.4 Liter is gone as the standard engine.
It is replaced by a “tiny” new 1.5 Liter Turbo with 160HP.
Getting 27/37MPG.
While 27 City is quite impressive for a car this size, I would have expected more than 37 HWY with such a small engine.
(The Altima with its “old and big” 2.5 Liter gets 38.)

Otherwise the 2.0 Liter Turbo with now 250HP is still available.

And an all new Hybrid version is coming as well.
With a 1.8 Liter engine. A modified version of the one used in the 2016 Volt. With 182HP.
That is supposed to be getting 45MPG combined.

 Which, I think, is similar to the Jetta Hybrid.
(A really great Hybrid no one seems to be talking about…)

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  1. I want to compliment you on today's Malibu, RX and CT6 posts. A handful of well-chosen pix each, clear shots of exterior and interior.

    The other car blogs have dozens of photos, all from the same angle, with "artistic" lighting so you can't get a good view of the cars.

    You make blogging look easy but it obviously ain't. Keep up the good work!

  2. I will not buy it, but I find it very attractive. Well done, for a change. It looks less Detroit-ish…

  3. It looks great, Vince. Give the Malibu it's due credit. Also, Americans don't like hatchbacks. Please quit pushing them on us.

  4. Americans don't like hatchbacks. Really?
    Except for the Fiesta, Mazda3, Focus, Audi A7, BMW 4 series, Fiats, Tesla, Golf etc.. Etc…
    Plus all these crossovers that are basically raised up hatchback cars.
    And they keep saying we don't like hatchback in the US. That old 90's thinking must die.

    It would have been a gutsy move from GM to offer a hatch in the mid sized segment.

    Sure the new Malibu looks really nice as it is.
    It could have been even more special, while still retaining the same design. (Since it already does look like a hatchback anyway)

  5. I like the exterior but, really that interior leaves me with vertigo. I do think this is an improvement in refinement but why did they have to ruin my favorite part of this car which was the interior!

  6. "Hatchback", in many Americans minds, is code for "cheap econo-crap" So while it's acceptable on a $15k-$25k car; it's pretty hard to sell on a luxury or near-luxury sedan. (Personally I think the BMW 5-GT is the companies BEST overall vehicle. But because it's a hatchback; the sales numbers are beyond dismal. In spite of the mechanically similar, but more cramped & rougher riding 5-series sedan being the gold standard in premium mid-sized sedans–with the sales (in the $55k-$115k range) to prove it! No, Americans don't like hatchbacks. But they will put up with them if the price is low enough.

  7. This is one (dare I say it) sexy midsize sedan and a complete surprise from Chevrolet! I think the exterior design trumps every other entry in the mainstream midsize sedan segment. The current Impala appears to have set the tone for must have exterior designs for the brand and this new Malibu has definitely fallen in line with this great new direction for Chevrolet sedans.

    I also love the interior. Interesting and intriguing shapes draped in upmarket looking materials. I'm more than overjoyed that Chevrolet ditched that horrible looking "extended air vent look" that ruined the interior of the current Malibu. It's great to see that Chevrolet nailed the interior as well as the exterior.

    If I was in the market for a mainstream midsize sedan, I would say that this new Malibu would definitely be at the top of my shopping list. Nothing else in the segment comes close to this incredible looking vehicle.

  8. Vince, I'm with you regarding hatchbacks…every suv is a hatchback, what is wrong with these idiots who keep claiming Americans don't like hatchbacks?? Get real!

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