2016 Ford taurus (Chinese model)

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 Let’s all get down on our knees and pray this is NOT the same car as the US version.

Sure, it’s not really ugly. But it has a sad 80’s feel to it.
And it looks much worse than the Fusion, really.
I mean look at the front end in the profile shot!It basically looks like a bloated version of the Chinese Ford Escort. Which is OK. If it stays over there.

Here, we need something much better.

Unfortunately, here are a couple of spy shots. They do match the Chinese version… (Unless, they are actually spy shots of that version, not the US one)

There might still be hope.
But if this what Ford has to compete with the Impala in the US, good luck…

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  1. 1) tft screen way too low in dash (should be closer to the line of vision)
    2) If knob on console is like bmw i-drive or Mazda Connect–GREAT! If it's not — this car will be obsolite the second it hits showroom floors–BIG Mistake!
    3) Exterior that looks like bigger Fusion is not a bad move–just not a good one. While it won't offend hard-core Ford addicts; it won't attract anyone away from any competitor, either.
    4) If I were a truly "open-minded" consumer would I buy this over an Impala, Avalon or Chrysler 300? NO. Not based on what we see here.
    OVERALL: Sorry Ford, no guts-no glory.

  2. Ford cloned Dongfeng Number One. To witness it yourselves, see the pictures 5 articles down below.

  3. It may not be a bold design statement, but it is clean looking! Perhaps it is aimed at those individuals who really don't like over styled cars.

  4. I know that China is now the world's largest automotive market. But isn't this site U.S.-centric? Why do we keep getting news about "only for China" cars?

    Yes, some of the designs may surface on American models. But lately, the main emphasis on this site is about cars we will never see here. We need to know about them, but only as an 'FYI' – not "Breaking News."

  5. If Ford Australia is considering replacing the Falcon with this, they should think again.

    Why would you buy one of these rather than a Mondeo/Fusion?

  6. What you see is THE Taurus that is coming to our shores. Make no mistake that China is now THE major growth market for Ford and other automakers. So for those who criticize Vince for showing too many vehicles from China, many of them will actually be coming to NA. Anyone who still lives in a US-based auto-centric world (other than purchasing one) is living deep in the past. China & India are the true growth opportunities going forward. Ford, GM, FCA and others will continue to fight over incremental market share for decades to come.

  7. This car is huge inside which is the biggest problem with the current Taurus. Asian markets demand spacious backseats as many execs are driven rather than drive. Also when you look at photos of this and the current Taurus next to each other, the new one is decidedly better. No, it's not a daring knockout but Taurus buyers on the whole choose conservative over trendy style.

  8. I actually think this could work in the US.. let Chevy and Buick build overly fussy, swoopy sedans with many disparate styling elements, while Ford peddles this clean, stealthy sedan and the more elegant Lincoln Continental. The original 1986 Taurus channeled the much more upmarket Audi V8 of the time, and this new one definitely screams A8.

  9. After the launch of the new Taurus (no matter where it will be sold), the strategy of Ford is very clear– to sell two cars of very different characters in the same segment to meet everyone's need:

    (i) Ka/Figo/Ikon (low end, low cost, comfort-bias budget car)
    (ii) Fiesta (premium, sporty, more sophisticated, more expensive sub-compact)

    (i) Escort (comfort-bias compact car, no frill)
    (ii) Focus (sporty compact car, more premium and high tech)

    (i) Taurus (comfort-bias, conservative large family sedan)
    (ii) Fusion/ Mondeo (sport family sedan)

    For Taurus, I think it could be named as Falcon in AUS and Scorpio in EURO.

  10. It's definitely not an adventurous or revolutionary design, but it is handsome and well executed. I think Ford actually did a good job of creating a large sedan that appears to be related to the Fusion/Mondeo, while still retaining its own character. I think it will appeal to those customers who prefer a more conservative and stately large sedan. It also appears to address one of the shortcomings of the current Taurus: lack of full-size interior space in a large sedan package.

  11. Egads! If the best they can do is create a oddly proportioned Fusion clone then they should just stop making the thing. What the hell is wrong with the people at Ford? It's like the minute they start getting some things right they start looking for ways to screw then up again.

  12. This is very handsome. Nissan, Toyota, Kia all wish their big sedans had this much presence. It is conservative, as appropriate for the market segment. It is also balanced and easy on the eyes, unlike the recent abortions from Lexus and Nissan. Good match for Avalon, Impala, and Azera.

  13. Exactly what they said about the Ford 500 when it came out. "conservative and appropriate". That didn't work then and it won't work now. (They had to quickly redesign the whole thing and revive the Taurus name)

    This just looks "Old". Very old..

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