2016 Ford Taurus

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We can’t see much from this.
But it doesn’t look like they are going for a stand out design, like the new Maxima.
Or even the Impala.
A bigger Fusion is probably what it will look like.

Interestingly, the car will be unveiled in China before the end of the month.
I guess this is the biggest market for large sedans now.
Expect lots of chrome.

(They also mentioned China being the biggest market for the new Continental. Which explains the overdose of chrome everywhere…)

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  1. Clearly a China market car, since the front end looks very much like the Ford Escort they designed for China.

  2. I don't understand how you can come to so many conclusions about an upcoming exterior design base solely on a pic of a camouflage covered front end.

  3. A Ford model swimming in anonymity. It used to be one of the most popular models in the same class as the Accord and Camry. Now, when I see one, I am surprised that it is still around. So, it will be a bigger Fusion? That's it?

  4. As exciting or interesting as vehicles like the Maxima, Optima and Mazda6 are, the sad truth is that bland and middle-of-the-road designs are what sell in large numbers. Ford knows this, and will probably do quite well with a Taurus that is inoffensive and doesn't take too many chances.. especially if this time they finally make it as roomy as the exterior size would suggest.

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