2016 Honda Civic

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 The new Civic will have much more style than before.
Especially the sedan. And the coupe will be what we saw just a while ago as that neon green concept.

These black and white patent designs are as usual, not flattering at all.
And it already looks pretty nice.

 They also both remind me of this Concept B from last year. A lot actually.

At the time, Honda had mention this design would become a production car “within 2 years”.
I just wonder if it will end up being the next hatchback Euro Civic.

Which will be offered in the US as well. For the fist time in many years.

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  1. Can't help but notice the C pillar similarity to the new Maxima and RX350 on this Honda concept. Honda dodged the bullet by skipping that feature on the new Civic, though the styling of the 2016 Civic is not great. Amazing how fast these automakers can copy each other now.

  2. I give Honda some credit for trying something different and not simply giving us a slightly altered regurgitation of a current design. However, I am getting a slight Crosstour and previous gen Sebring/200 vibe from the overall shape of the sedan, which may not be entirely desirable. I'm still keeping the faith that the actual production version will look more appealing in the flesh (or "metal").

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