2016 Lexus RX

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 No surprises here.
It looks like a big NX. With the usual RX proportions.

Engines are familiar as well.
The good old 3.5 Liter V6 is back with 300HP.
Ot the Hybrid, also with 300hp from the 3.5 Liter V6.

The RX has been the best selling Lexus model ever. So they do know what they’re doing.
And they know what their customers want.
I wonder if this might actually look too aggressive for the usual RX buyer…

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  1. Love the twin pinstripes in the wood! Overall, a definite improvement over the current one (which doesn't say a lot–the current one set a new low in design which nobody has crawled under ever since). So I certainly wouldn't buy one over a Jeep…but if it were $10k less than a JGC or M-class; I might consider it.

  2. I do want to like the exterior design on this thing but it's a bit much, too much in fact that the front end is so obnoxious.

    The interior looks great. And I like it. But I wouldn't spend my coin on this because everytime I get out of it I just couldn't stand to look at that ugly ass face!

  3. Ugly and horribly deformed exterior design. I'm not a fan of the floating roof trend, but this element is one of the least offending aspects of the exterior design. To me, it looks like Lexus is trying much too hard to be edgy.

    I know the new Lincoln MKX is not an adventurous, groundbreaking design, but I think it is definitely classy and well executed. I would choose it hands down over the this new monstrosity from Lexus.

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