2016 Nissan Lannia

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They claim this is for the Chinese market only.
Which I doubt very much. Maybe the name Lannia is not going to make it over here.
Put I’m pretty sure the car will. As it looks like a shrunken version of the new Maxima.

And while I think the Maxima could look pretty nice in person, I really don’t think this will.

It seems like a weird cross between the Maxima and the Juke. (2 cars that should never hang out together)

 I think it is ugly enough to be the next Sentra.
What do you think?

And by the way, best PR BS in years: “Inspired by the smooth, muscular movements of wild animals”.

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  1. Definitely ugly enough to be the new Sentra, lol. The interior is fine, but that rear window treatment that looks so good on the Murano is a fail on the sedans.

  2. This unfortunate "thing" is hopelessly awkward and deformed. I hope to never see it in the US.

    I am not a fan of the floating roof treatments on the Murano and Maxima, but they are much better executed on those two vehicles than it is on this Lannia. To me, the Murano and Maxima are specialty products and I can somewhat justify the unconventional approach Nissan took with their exterior designs. Rogue, Pathfinder, Altima, and Sentra are the brand's mainstream offerings. While I think the exterior designs of the Sentra, Altima, and Pathfinder could use some additional styling flair (I think the Rogue looks perfect and appropriate, as is), I would hate to see them marred by some of the badly executed cues that make this Lannia sedan so hideous to behold.

  3. This is the car you pick up at the bar, at 2:00am, after many pints for a 'what the hell' type of night….then wake up in the morning thinking 'what the hell did I just do'.

  4. It has all the endearing ugliness of a late 70s Datsun. They weren't cute either but at least they were original. It's nice to see someone do something different instead of always following the pack. There are way too many look-alike cars these days. We could use some more quirky cars.

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