2016 Nissan Maxima

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Looking really nice. But we had seen it before during that Super Bowl commercial.

Sure, it is a little bit larger and roomier than the Altima. But not by much.
It is now the problem with non luxury full size sedans. Their mid sized cousins are getting so good.

At least you get a much more upscale interior. (If a bit busy)

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  1. I can't lie, it's going to take a while to digest this one. Glad to see something different though!

  2. Just not in to the wavy, droopy lines on the exterior. The interior is nice but a bit over-styled. I want to like this but I can't. So much better options out there!

  3. The rear overhang is a little too long for me. However, the Murano in dark colors looks impressive on the road and in person. May be this in dark colors turns out the same way.

  4. Overall, I like the style, but I can't get past that chrome piece on the grille that makes this thing look like it's got a sinus infection. They should move the chrome piece higher and use it to intersperse the Nissan logo. 2cents.

  5. Seems to me that Japanese brands are in a contest to design the ugliest car, truck, SUV, front end ever and man, they´re trying really hard!!!

  6. I love everything about the exterior/interior design EXCEPT that horrible fake floating roof element. This element completely ruins it for me. Just like the new Murano, I think this vehicle's exterior design is distinctive enough without adding a fake floating roof element. I think it's overkill on something that is already very expressive without it.

  7. It looks like they took the concept's traits and applied them to an ordinary car. In other words, it looks like much has been lost in translation. Still, I don't think these aren't good pics to judge this car by. So I can't say I like it, but I can't say I dislike it either.

  8. Nissan, as they have shown with the Murano and now with the Maxima, are breaking new ground in a new design direction. This was last done when the Original Murano came out in 2002. That Murano actually started the luxury crossover segment. I love this styling direction. It's brave, strong, sexy and bold. The will succeed i am certain.
    It can be understood why the sheep, and the weak may not like it. It's new, groundbreaking and not safe, who wants safe like toyotas and hondas??? It's not intended for them. Kia , toyota and honda makes cars for sheep as hyundai does. Nissan is a leader.

  9. inside and out, I find this car very attractive. If you have had the chance to spend time in the new Murano, you will quickly realize that Nissan is serious about these new vehicles. Don't forget Nissan also builds Infiniti and the GTR. This company is well postioned to build world class vehicles and is certinly doing just that.
    A friend of mine drives a new Murano, I drive a two year old Lexus RX. I have to admit, which isn't easy, that the Murano has topped the Lexus rx in every way. Yes my Lexus is nice, but the Murano is next step.
    I have no reason to think that the Maxima wont be doing the same as it is truely is a sister vehicle to the Murano…..we will see

  10. I'm already waiting for the midcycle refresh. Hopefully they'll push it way ahead of schedule. What a hideous mess of style.

  11. Have owned a 1999 and 2008 Maxima. No way the new max will be in my driveway. Of the Japanese makes Subaru seems to be the one that is listening to its customers. Exterior looks are improving and quality of materials is going up. Nissan is on a slide in many ways including looks and reliability.

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