2016 VW T6

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This is VW’s new Van. For Europe. Not us…

As you can see, there is a cool 2 tone color option (complete with Beetle wheels) that actually makes this otherwise super boring design, look almost cool.
But this is no VW bus. As it has none of the personality of its ancestor.

Except maybe that weird driving position. (Look how “truck flat” that steering wheel is…)

So it’s not for everybody.
But I do think there could be a market in the US for this. I mean they do offer TDI engines with 150 or 204 HP. Which would make it really special over here. (Finally a VW van with enough power, plus great mileage!)

Imagine one with a kitchenette and a mattress in the back!

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  1. Isn't that just a slightly re-freshened version of the vanagonfrom 20 years ago? Kind of a let-down from the Routan! (but maybe it'll be under $15k U.S.)!

  2. So basically an even boxier version of their current model.. which now looks more like an '85 Astro than a '95 EuroVan.

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