2017 US Jaguar XE Specs.

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Jaguar has announced what engines the US will be getting in new XE compact sedan.
(Pictures above are still the Euro Version)

Strangely enough, the base engine will be the 2.0 Liter Diesel. The XE 20d will produce 180hp.
That seems to be quite a gamble. Offering a diesel engine as standard in the US.

Next is the 3.0 Liter V6 with 340hp.
Called, of course, the XE 35t.
The 35 stands for nothing since the engine size is 3.0 Liter.
Same thing goes for the t, since the car is supercharged, and NOT turbo.

Apparently, a “more base than base” model with a gas 2.0 Liter will be available later. As well as a manual transmission.  (That could be the fun version)

I still think the car looks too close to the “old” XF. And that interior still looks horrible and nothing like a Jaguar should be.
(Unless some miracle happened when you actually see the thing in person…)

No matter what, the XE is still a full year away for the US market… (How ridiculous)

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  1. I like the Chrysler 200 much better. Why no wood? Wasn't Jaguar always synonymous with Hand-finished genuine English Wood? Or is this meant to compete in the sub $20K economy range???

  2. Styling? Nothing special.

    Interior? Bland. Not what it needs to be to beat the MB C-Class and Audi.

    This car better really perform. (And look better than it does in the photos). Otherwise, it faces a real tough road winning over BMW, MB and Audi buyers.

    Nice effort, but it may not be enough. (Though, it may steal some Lexus IS 350 customers).

  3. Sorry, I don't see much effort here at all, 8:24.

    How every once storied automaker these days is "Americanizing" in the words of that Ferrari dude that was let go a while back (alright, that's sort of the word he used), building crappy luxury SUVs that can barely navigate a speedbump, making lame four-door sports cars, and entry-level econoboxes, just sickens me.

  4. The interior is worse than a 1990's era Ford Taurus! I feel sorry for the schmuck that buys this turd!

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