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Ever since the 1st one series came out, there was a rumor about a sedan version.
The closest we got to that was the 1 series Coupe (Now called the 2 series)

So who knows, this might end up being called the 2 series.
No matter what the name, it will be the only FWD sedan from BMW. (At least for a while)

It will join the new “FWD based” X1.
And eventually, a new coupe.

This, of course, will compete with the Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA in the US.
So expect a starting price of around $30 000.

Is this blasphemy? What do you think?

(This was sent to me from Denmark, by the way)

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  1. It's a joke. Just like the A4 & 3-series sedan. If the back seat is too small for a real American to fit into–why have a back seat? For the dog??? (A really tiny dog). The only good 3-series is the one I can fit in–and thats the GT. Beyond that I'll stick with REAL cars–like the 5 & 7 Series. What's next? A BMW Smart car??? A Unicycle?

  2. I really don't understand why it's so difficult/costly to build a small RWD sedan. The Mercedes 190e and early 3 series models were a fraction of the size of their modern counterparts, and the configuration wasn't prohibitive then. Wtf?

  3. Paul Labarbera: 1) The old Merc 190 (which looked, drove, & felt a LOT like a similarily-sized K-car of that era; cost about THREE (3) times what a K-car cost. Imagine if today's C-class cost 3 times (300%) the price of a Chrysler 200 ($25k-$35k). That would make the C-class a $75k – $90k car today! (instead of it being more like 20%-40% over the price of a 200C like it is). 2nd) The cost of ALL cars has been driven up dramatically due to (1) The high cost of Government Regulations; and (2) the compounding effect of lawsuit & liability costs. Take the recent case of a 30-year old AMC Jeep that was stopped & rear-ended by a speeding idiot–our mindless court system says thats a good reason to force FCA to donate more money than 150 people can make in a lifetime to that (1) ONE accident victim! Not only will Chrysler hand over $150,000,000 (which is $245,000,000 before taxes) to that 1 individual; but they will now spend years in testing & researching to make sure they don't get hit like that in the future. And every supplier who made every fiber of every FCA vehicle from now one will do the same. And their will be copycat lawsuits by every Tom, Dick & Harry who ever bought a similar Jeep vehicle (new or used) in an effort to "get rich quick". THAT'S WHY it costs SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to build even a small RWD sedan today!

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