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buick verano new 2016 autoshow shanghai

This is, so far, known as the Chinese model.
But you know this will end up here soon. And looking pretty much the same.

The Chinese version is powered by a small 1.5 Liter Turbo with 166HP.
Which might be replaced her by the larger 2.0 Liter Turbo.
it looks fine. But really…. Nothing amazing.

More on this, including interior shots, very soon.

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  1. I very much like the styling of the present Buick Verano, but this new one looks more upscale to me. (I saw a pair of angeled photos today on Autoblog, in gray, and the new Verano looked even nicer.)

  2. I like when they make small cars look upscale. If someone buys a SMALL car they dont want it to look like CHEAP car. But this looks like a shrunken hyundai Azera.especially the rear fender line and c-window. Not an exact copy, but it could be the little brother.

  3. I alredy took a look at some pictures on the web and it is not that bad, but, I thought GM would come up with something more "German" and not with a soft taste as I think it is (talking about design lines). Just add a little more chrome in some places, maybe a subtle changed grill (The way the new Cruze changes from the Chinese version to the US model) and you get the North American version of the Verano, I guess… Still need to see it in person to have the final words about it!!!

  4. I think it's perfect. The exterior design does a great job of combining an overall conservative near luxury look with enough visible flair to make it interesting (something that is severely lacking in the exterior design of the current Verano). I think this design will draw some new customers to Buick while not alienating the brand's current loyalists, which is a very tricky feat to accomplish. Hopefully, Buick will nail the appropriate amount of lux features in this new Verano. A compact Buick sedan should never lack features that can be found on a fully loaded Kia Forte. This is sadly the case with the current Verano.

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