Denza EV VS.Renault 16

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I know, they don’t actually look the same.

But I had just seen an old French film on Hulu, where the main character drives a Renault 16.
So that car was on my mind, strangely enough.

The Denza is a joint venture between Daimler and BYD. It is all electric and they claim the range is over 185 miles. Which sounds really good.
(Except it costs at least $60 000. )

I still see a little bit of the old Renault in it…

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  1. Cool comparison. Sometimes it's nice to see hints of older cars in modern ones, even if they aren't the spitting image of them.

  2. The 2 cars are about the same size; but oh how the times have changed. The blue one is a typical family car (just a tad smaller than the average family sedan: fusion/Chrysler200/Camry/Accord etc. The older green one was, in it's day, considered a joke in America. Too tiny to be a "real car". It was in the class of cars called "clown cars" "schreiner cars" and just plain weird. "One of those quaint little european micro cars". But in those days, most familys could not only afford to buy an 18' long, 6 passenger vehicle–they could afford to trade every 2-5 years and burn through gas at 8 mpg without blinking an eye! Who would have thought then that "4-passenger clown cars" would ever become the norm!

  3. I agree – a cool comparison. I really like the simplicity and elegance of the old design…

    The new one? Meh… not so much.

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