Dongfeng Number 1 Concept

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This is kind of interesting. And quite good looking.
Of course, it does look a lot like the US Passat. Or any Audi.
But I think, in this case, the copy looks better than the original.
It also looks bigger.
As it is rumored to use the platform from the Citroen C6.

What do you think?

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  1. An all new C6? To my knowledge, Citroen will (have to) concentrate on more basic cars such as the production version of the Aircross Concept, you published earlier, Vince. So there won`t be a big Citroen anymore. They need to shrink their number of models in order to concentrate on what`s profitable (smaller and more basic cars with a unique twist, (e.g. the C4 Cactus)). It is only logical to shift the larger models to the DS brand, which is already much more luxurious than your every-day-Citroen. But hey, maybe I am wrong. Maybe DongFeng will pump some fresh blood into PSA.

    As for the "DongFeng No 1 Concept"… meh! That looks way too German for a Chinese company. Way too similar to the new Euro Passat.

  2. COPYCAT VW PASSAT. NOTHING MORE. NOTHING LESS–except for maybe quality, reliability, performance, and safety. All of which I'm certain are MUCH worse that the worst of any VW ever.

  3. the hood is too tall. the overhang is too long.
    it reads as a VW, especially with that grille, even though some details are different.

    in my book, not OK. Far more direct thievery than the supposedly 'copycat' Continental.

  4. Yes Vince, it's based on PSA's BVH3 platform and more specifically on the Citroën C6 underpinning. Which means Hydractive 3+ suspension, double wishbone front struts and multilink rear arms.
    Passive safety should be approximately equivalent to the chinese spec Peugeot 508.

    You can also notice that the doors are heavily share with the Peugeot.

    Citroën and DS are abandonning the hydropneumatic suspension (it will die with the C5 in late 2017) while Dongfeng will carry on in China… Strange world we are living in…

  5. Anonymous 2:23 PM. Perhaps it's all those things, Anonymous 2:23 PM. But the Chinese automakers will undoubtedly get the last laugh, the way the world is going today. You and I both might even be driving Dongfengs someday.

  6. Sigh. I'm not surprised. I worked in China for three months last year and I could see first hand how the Chinese in general, Chinese automakers in particular, and Dongfeng in even more particular, are absolutely OBSESSED with Volkswagen. VW has managed to firmly plant in Chinese automotive consciousness the notion of "VW: Das Auto", i.e. that a VW is by definition a perfect blueprint of what a car should be, and all the other companies can aspire to do is try to follow in their footsteps.

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