Honda Civic “Concept”

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 Sure. A concept…
Imagine smaller wheels, no spoiler, larger rear view mirrors, a normal color, and what you have here is the all new Civic coupe for next year.
Looking more and more like the Euro Civic.
Which make sense, since we will be getting the redesigned Euro Hatchback as part of our US line up as well.

Here is what Honda showed us back in 2011 as the “Civic Concept”.
Pretty familiar isn’t it…

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  1. Honda makes some terrific cars and their interior quality is at par with AUDI. They need though to notch it up just a little in overall design so the cars look sexier, whatever that means…

  2. I don't get this new treand (as with the Malibu), to make fastback cars, but not giving them a hatchback? What advantage is there??

  3. Advantage is America is still scared of hatchbacks (unless it comes in the form of a stinkin' crossover)

    This car looks like what if a Ford Maverick and a Hyundai Veloster spliced genes.

  4. It's definitely more distinctive and aggressive, but I'm not sure if it's better. If distinctive and aggressive are not done correctly, they just turn out to be ugly.

    Maybe the production version without all the over the top concept show car bits might change my mind.

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