Honda Concept D (WTF???)

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“The Concept D shows the direction of a mass-production SUV model which is currently being developed exclusively for the Chinese domestic market”.

Let’s all get down on our knees and pray this is true.
Let’s hope this monster never becomes the next Acura MDX.

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  1. I beg to differ Vince. Except for the rear, everything is fine and the beak problem is finally resolved.

  2. Oh my. Their ridiculous lighting as trim is actually the best part of this tasteless joke on wheels. How awful. It looks like something out of a Mad Max movie.

  3. i happen to be on vacation in Indonesia right now and there is something different about the taste in vehicles here. First, everything is a hatchback – small minivans, subcompact hatches like Fit (Jazz), Suzukis, or SUVs. The SUVs all have tacked-on window trim, chrome added to the headlights or fenders, and many have extra LEDs on the hood or grille.

    So, with this new perspective, I am beginning to understand the gaudy designs like this and others from Nissan and Lexus that we see so often now. Whereas in the US we are conditioned to appreciate classic european, RWD proportions, or understand but menacing design vibes, the Asian market has different taste. The idea is less about elegance and more about showing off.

    This thing is ugly. Don't get me started on Honda's bizarre grilles of late (e.g. the refreshed CRV). That black strip down the front fender – WTH? But my guess is that you park this at the dealer in Beijing, Tokyo or Jakarta, and it'd fly off the lots to those who can afford it.

  4. "Anonymous carlitics said"

    So, let me understand what you are saying, that despite the, according to you, "ugly" designs Honda gives us here in the US, its cars do not fly off the lots? Who should Honda listen to? You or its actual buyers?

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