2016 Camaro: even more pix.

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I’m just going to say that it probably looks really good in the flesh.

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  1. A more femininized side profile, void of character, plus more painted plastic bits, check; Mustang Fastback influence, check, checkers; weird body sculpting on front and rear ends, check; one busy hood that doesn't fit with the rest of the car's design, of course; cheesy LEDs, naturally; parts bin doorhandles, hi there; Bumble Bee looking headlights, oh God; acres of black plastic up front, check, check, checkity check, check; Corvette influenced grill "braces" that make me want to puke, well yeah; visually distracting reflectors and CHMSL, you betcha; all told… it makes the Mustang look like the home frickin' run that it wasn't. Yay!!!

    As I said: best case it sells well for a year or two, then sales tank.

    I can't imagine any time in automotive history, other than today, when people would actually applaud an all-new design that looked just like the old design, only uglier. (And that's why I retire from caring about cars; today's cars and car people are wrong about virtually everything and have no imagination!)

    On the bright side, Sangyup Lee should get a fat royalty check.

    And Who Killed the Camaro will be coming to a theater near you, so there's that. Yay!

    Adios, guys that grew up with real cars. You have my sympathies.

  2. OK, enough pics! We get it, it's boring and a half assed effort by GM. Please, post something from a manufacturer that actually has something to offer.

  3. ..and I am just going to say that the grille looks underwhelming at best for a "muscle" car. From what I read the previously low rent interior has been greatly upgraded.

  4. Only issue for me has do with those tiny b-pillar windows on all models and the after-market looking spoiler on the SS model. GM hit a homerun with everything else trim looking body, powerful fuel efficient engines and upgraded interior.

  5. 200 pounds lighter. Check. Higher output V6 and torque to match. Check. Turbo base 4 with excellent torque. Fuel Efficient all around, including the V8! Check. Check. I like it.

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