2016/17 Toyota Prius

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This is, of course, just an illustration.
It shows a car so similar to the curent one that most people (Except car nerds like us, and previous owners) won’t be able to tell the difference.
So, let’s hope the new Prius looks better than this.
Especially after 7 years.

I haven’t heard anything about a major breakthrough for the next model.
Of course mileage will be better, as usual.
But it won’t be any cheaper since the Prius C is already there.

I still think the new Volt is a much better deal. For the same price you get a car that will give you 50 miles of pure electric driving. Plus, the driving experience of the Volt is so much better than the Prius.

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  1. Your an idiot that likes to bash certain popular and best selling brands. If you know anything about wind/drag, you would know that there is not too much you can change to obtain certain optimum MPG. And, by the way,look at the VOLTS resale value and consumer reports and reviews. KEEP BASHING TOYOTA and make yourself seem KOOL!

  2. How is calling this design bashing? And the irony is you seem fine with bashing GM, but bashing Toyota is Wong.

    Got it.

    The Volt is a better car than the Prius BTW.

  3. Toyota's "Pre-crashed" look comes to Prius' front end.

    Better elsewhere: strong lines along base of door sills and belt line are easier on the eyes.

    Looks especially good if I put my hand over grille(s) and pointy upright icicles flanking shovel-nosed lower air intake…

  4. I was given a new Prius as a loaner car recently when my Sonata was being serviced. I've driven golf carts with loads more personality, and vastly more driving excitment. The handling, tactile feedback, and driving experience was shockingly poor. I didn't have any expectations beforehand other than thinking they looked dorky. I literally don't understand why they're popular, but that sort of sums up the majority of Toyota vehicles.

  5. May 9, 2015 at 1:16 PM No, actually I am an artist–one who really detests poor design. Anything priced over $10k (car/ suit/ boat/ jewelry/ RV — ANYTHING) should as LEAST be tastefully designed. This sucker is just awful 🙁 !

  6. Just because the current Prius has already reached a nearly maximum wind/drag coefficient doesn't mean they can't improve the styling. The 2nd gen Prius was a stylistic revolution. This (if the illustrations prove correct) are, in my opinion, a cautiously bland evolution.

  7. The Volt is a POS and judging by its sales numbers, America would agree. Even the head of Cadillac said the Volt is a car for idiots. He also has recently canceled the ELR which is another sales fiasco.

  8. Anonymous poster from May 10th attacking Vince's comment about the hideous looking Prius front end. Are you the father of that thing? You seem so emotional and butt hurt!

    The upcoming new Chevy Volt is going to destroy the Prius. No wonder your apoplectic! Get over it. The Prius is just damn ugly. Like your comments.

  9. Toyota's niche is "people who don't like cars–but need one to get to work" Turns out, that's a pretty big niche. Much bigger than the "well-informed auto enthusiast" niche that everybody else is chasing.

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