All new Renault Kwid

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The tiny and super cheap Kwid is based on a “new platform common to Renault and Nissan”.
So this could become a new cheap Nissan somewhere in the world.

Right now, its market ins mainly India. Where it starts at around $4800 .
I repeat, that’s $4800!!!!  (A fancier model starts at $6300)

To put things in perspective, the famous (or infamous) Yugo was $4000 in the US back in 1986.

Considering this, I think it looks amazing.
Sure, the whole interior is probably covered with cheap hard plastics. But… $4800!

And the power comes from a tiny 0.8 Liter engine.
But its only about 4 inches longer than a Fiat 500. (Itself offered in Europe with a 0.9 Liter 3 cylinder engine)

I say why not!!!!

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  1. It's obviously a new Dacia. They are marketed as Renaults in some markets, like India or South America, and because this was presented to India, it wears a Renault badge.

    As you might remember, low price was the main objective when they decided to revive Dacia. The Logan begun as the 5.000 euro car project.

  2. Looks quite good!
    Much better than most similar cars.

    The interior might be simple but the price will help forget that.

  3. literally unbelievable.

    to my eyes, looks eleventy million times better than the latest Lexus crap utility. Nice.

  4. … and we care about another look-alike generic hatchback not available in North America because….???

  5. This will sell in India starting under $5k and up to $6k and it looks pretty darn modern too. If they bring it to the U.S. it will probably go for around $10k and it would sell really well to those who can't afford anything new. And there are lots and lots of people today who can't afford anything new what with the average price of a car at around $20k.

    As long as Renault gets the mechanics right on this car, I can imagine them selling millions of this here in America as this would be a payment friendly car at around $250-$299 per month, it would be a bargain for many, many people who don't want to settle for a used car.

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