Ford Mondeo Vignale

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The Fusion’s European cousin, the Mondeo, can now be ordered as a new top of the line model, called Vignale.
From the name of an old design company. (Just like Ford did in the 70’s by  using the name “Ghia” on their top of the line models. So not a new idea…)

The Fusion is still one of the very best looking sedan available, and it still looks great with mode chrome/detailing.
There is no Taurus or Lincoln in Europe. So the Mondeo is the top sedan. Which leaves room for a luxury version.
Not the case here in the US. Where the Fusion is squeezed under the Taurus.

By the way, it looks fantastic as a hatchback (pictured above). And the wagon isn’t bad either…

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  1. Why does Europe have all the fun! We Americans do drive very boring automobiles. Bring hatches back… build more manual transmissions… and bring the glass roof.

  2. Both the hatch and wagon are so damn nice, wish they were offered in the States. Until they are, I will stay with Subaru or Volvo…what a pity.

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