NO Mazda2 for the US

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 The suits at Mazda have now officially decided not to sell the all new Mazda2 in the US.

It is built in Mexico and has been engineered with the US in mind. (Since Toyota will sell us the sedan version as a Scion)

Too bad.
I test drove the previous model a few years ago and really liked it. And I’m sure the new one is even better.
I guess the new CX3 Crossover has a better chance to be popular over here. Plus it probably means more profits than a $15 000 hatchback.

Here is the only version we will be able to get over here. The new Scion sedan.
(Built by Mazda). With its ghastly front end design that doesn’t fit AT ALL the rest of the car….

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  1. Love the Mazda 2, and would be happy with a CX3 except I would never consider it without a stick, which Mazda tells me I don't really want.

    So it seems Zoom Zoom has become Dumbed Down.

  2. thats too bad. They seem to be doing very, very well with the 3 and the CX5. I think 3 actually has the best version of the new styling theme, along with the 6 perhaps. But it would have been nice to get that entry level model to battle the Fiesta, Sonic and Yaris. It certainly looks like it would have stacked up well against all of those. ¯(°_o)/¯

  3. I predict that Mazda will eventually change their mind on this. They just want all of the attention to go to the new CX-3 first.

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