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 Or never.
As, I have never ever sen this car before. I didn’t even know it existed.
I took this in Europe a couple of days ago. (My camera was set to B&W but the car was actually bright red)
I couldn’t really see the logo from where I was. But that front end did remind me of older 70’s VW models.

So there it is: The VW SP coupe from Brazil!
It was developed with the help of of Karman-Ghia’s Brazilian operations no less!

With only 65HP, it wasn’t really a sports car. But it looked fantastic. And still does today.
About 10 000 were sold between 1972 and 1976. Very few of them ended up in Europe. Mostly in museums.
So I guess I was really lucky to see one diving around…

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  1. We still have some os these working pretty well here in Brazil. And as the front end looks like a popular 70´s VW Brasilia, we dont like it that much. But apart form that, it really looks pretty good.

  2. Yes, never really sold in Europe, so seeing one is actually more than lucky. In comparison, Bugattis and Paganis crowd European streets…

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