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Just doing my share of celebrating. The Citroen DS is turning 60 today.
So I thought I’d just post these pix of a rare convertible version I saw just a couple of days ago.
Looking as perfect as it gets.

Except for the new radian and GPS screen inside.
But that also means the owner is driving the car a lot. Which is great.

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  1. There should be an award for "Unique and Ugly". From the weirdly, goofy exterior design, to the counter intuitive interior, this car is more art than actually purpose built transportation. Yep, only the French can get away with producing something like this! LOL (:-{)

  2. It looks odd by today's standards, but considering it came out in the 1950's — with air suspension no less– is pretty impressive both in style and technology. Unfortunately the French sat on their laurels with this one until it became embarrassingly outdated and was discontinued in the '70's or '80's. Still and interesting icon though, even today.

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