2016 Audi A4 interior video

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I must admit, this alone almost changes my mind about the interior.
The quality looks amazing. And that dark matte wood finish is pretty wonderful..

Was I wrong earlier about this???

I mean, the exterior is still quite insulting to anyone expecting an actual new model. Right?

But that interior……..

What do you think?

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  1. I think you were right first. No one doubts Audi quality, I'm sure materials are fine, and optional wood is probably of exceptional atmosphere. However, what remains is the cluttered arrangement of buttons (with blanks even on a fully loaded press shot car), too many varying surfaces and lines (including shut lines without a function around the screen), plus the glued on China iPad like in a Mercedes. Those details – to me at least – are still not worthy of an Audi, no matter how nice the plastic is to touch, or the matte wood. (In many ways, similarly the Jaguar XE has an interior of nice materials, but general shape still lacks class)

  2. Vince, just because the "quality looks amazing" does not make the interior design good. All Audi interiors are made well and I appreciate the simplicity of it, but it is a rather sterile, boring, uninspiring design that in a lower quality form would look equally at home in any everyday VW or Skoda. There is nothing special about it other than it is likely well constructed of quality materials … somewhat akin to buying the finest steak and preparing it by dropping it in a pot of boiling water, and then plopping the gray flavorless meat on a plate and saying "yes, but the steak is very high quality."

    Then again, almost everything in this segment is a bore anymore, inside and out. The new Alfa brings a bit of life to it, but even that is not a hearthrobber like Alfas of olde once were.

  3. There are some video's on youtube now (watch?v=pYi3buGahlQ) and seems most think exterior looks different enough in person.
    But still agree amazingly similar considering age of the current design…

    The interior seems to have a lot of retro elements from the 80's (row of vents, some of the center stack buttons). Interior looks good to me. Except too bad the center screen doesn't fold.

  4. It leaves me wanting. Mercedes C & CA are both better. Volvo c90 is MUCH MUCH MUCH better. This has all the appeal of a Lexus–which is to say little to none. But Lexus knows this and prices their cars further below Mercedes for that reason. This is ok for a $29k car. But not for 1 penny more!

  5. Where does the owner of a car spend most of his time? Behind the wheel, which makes the interior and dynamics of the car far more important than the exterior. Although a little more exterior "umph" would have been nice in this case…

  6. Audi should never offer this color of tan for any interior ever again. Ever. It's vile and cheap looking. The tan plastic around the power window switches is just awful. It looks like putty and gets cruddy very quickly and then peels away when you try to clean it, so they should stop doing that once and for all. Then there's the designed-to-a-pricepoint tablet plopped onto the dashboard. The interior of the A6 is everything that this isn't. I have an audi now and I was hoping for something really exceptional with the B9 to replace my B7. But I hate this municipal looking car.

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