2016 Audi A4: Why???

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Yes, why.

Why bother redesigning a car to make it look exactly the same?
Why not just “improve” the current one?
Why ruining the interior?
Why a 1996 design for a 2016 model?

I understand the “classic”, “understated” excuses. But understated doesn’t mean you copy the same design over and over.
This becomes one of these generic cars you used to see in architectural illustrations.
And the interior is far from understated. With bits, lines, dials everywhere. It’s just clumsy.


(The yellow car is the “all new one”)

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  1. Vince, I agree that it's absurd BUT why don't you and others make the same complaint about the 911

  2. I really don't think so.

    The 911 is quite different every time. (also larger). Sure, it keeps the basic shape. But it is an iconic design. It looks like no other cars on the road. I think they are doing the right thing by keeping the same shape.

    There is nothing iconic about the A4 design.
    It is a very generic 3 box sedan. Without much personality. There is nothing that should be preserved at all cost. (Unlike the 911)

    That basic Audi design actually dates back to the NSU RO80.(Which is still an incredible design, by the way) After that, most Audi sedans had that 3 window side profile.

    The ones we have now are basically versions of the first A4 from 1994 .
    (I think the A3 sedan actually looks a lot like the 1st A4)

    This "all new" one looks about 99% the same as the previous one. Which is really sad…

  3. Companies make some little changes and rolls out new model with enhanced prices.This strategy does not work on witty buyers who knows everything about the product.

  4. I will tell you the worst thing about this redesign is where they've decided to place the new cup holders. I've experienced this lay out I'm the new A3. It is practically impossible to fit a beverage larger than a can properly, due to the consoles overarching edge. Its bag ergonomics from a manufacture who prides itself on German practicality. I agree Vince, unimpressed!

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