2016 BMW 7 series

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bmw 7 7series new 2016 allnew spy model car

The car on top is the real thing. All new for 2016.
The white one is the curent model.

It is really becoming ridiculous.
There is so little progress from one generation to the next. At least visually.
Which still counts for me. I am sure it is lighter, faster, uses less fuel and has even more gadgets than before. But that is not enough. A brand new car SHOULD look new!

Especially for that price!

At least the S Class doesn’t look the same from one generation to the next.

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  1. Vince, this car from BMW is for badge whores who mostly don't care whether BMW changes the overall look of this model they just want to drive a beemer! Sales are up for them so why should they bother changing the design. LOL!

  2. not only does it not look much different between generation, it also doesn't look much different from other models from the brand. It's like the same cup in different sizes.

  3. I couldn't agree more with you. BMW's and Audi's have become all the same. Nothing new. Boring. Mercedes don't all look the same, but view a BMW or Audi from far and you can't tell which model they are.

  4. In fairness….why don't you make the exact same criticism of tons more "iconic" cars like VW Golf and Porsche 911.

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