2016 Buick Verano

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 The all new redesigned Verano was caught in the US. Looks like it was for a photo shoot.
So far it looks exactly like the car we saw at the Shanghai Auto Show a while ago.
Kind of too bad. I wished the US model had a bit more flair. The lights, front and rear, still look a bit cheap. (At least on the pix)
Just like the current one, its competition will be the Acura ILX. As I really don’t think anyone will compare this to an Audi A3 or Mercedes CLA.

Here is the Chinese model.
Which seems to be the exact same car.

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  1. Like the A4, CL-class, 1 (or 2) series, and any Lexus with a number lower than 350…these cars are too tiny for many Americans. So I say…"so what?" It excites me less than a new golf cart would. MUCH less.

  2. Anonymous at 7:34:

    You're way off with almost every vehicle you referenced. This is a C-segment car: the size of a Civic, Cruze, Focus, etc. If it was to be on the same level as the luxury brands, this would compete with the 3 series, A4, IS, etc.

    I believe you were trying to reference B-segment cars, but got almost every name wrong. It's the A3, not the A4. The CLA, not the CL (which was basically an S-Class coupe). Finally, the numbers in Lexus' names have ZERO to do with the size of the car…so not even sure what you're going for there.

  3. As unremarkable as the current car is designed, this really makes it look like an old mans car. The rear reminds me of an extension added to a car like the Versa sedan.

  4. Hey Vince, in my comment about the new Verano (Which hasn't been posted yet) I wrote "Detroit" when talking about license plates in camouflaged cars, the correct word is "Michigan", Thanks in advance for your comprehension!!!

  5. I think, as I already said, that GM will do the same thing they did with the Cruze. GM used slightly modified Chinese Cruze exemplars (carrying "Michigan" license plates) to have some tests done in US soil, but, as we just witnessed, the North American Cruze is light years ahead of the Chinese version!!!!, I still think the new Verano will resemble the new Opel Astra instead… My guess… Regards!!!

  6. It's much more stylish than the current car, but that really isn't saying much. I'm not sure if I really expect Buick to put out a very progressive design, though (although Buick really did impress me with the recent Avenir Concept!).

    I think the rear of the design is throwing me a bit. It looks too angular and blocky compared to the rest of the design.

    I never thought I would be saying this, but it looks like Chevrolet will get the better looking design with the next gen US market Cruze.

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