2016 Opel Astra

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Finally. After what seems like 48 years of spy shots.
Here is the real thing.

And I think it does look quite good.
I mean, as usual, it looks more original than a Golf. But also, might not age as well.

We are not getting the Astra over here (Since we don’t have Saturn anymore…)
But the sedan version of this will pretty much be our new Buick Verano.

So expect a very similar interior as well.
But probably not the new 3 cylinder engine.

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  1. This astra is a great looking car. Very close to the one I rented in France… Too bad Buick has not come up with this. The current Verano looks like an overweight short person wearing far too much jewelry.

  2. The roofline actually works with this model… Nissan has of recent, put out some pretty off the wall styling… Nissans are the new Edsel

  3. What I think GM will do, is the same they did with the Cruze; This is, the Chinese version (Which is, clearly "chinese" by the looks) is not the same than the one North America will have. So, I think the North American Verano will look more like the new Astra we´re looking at in these pictures than the Chinese one we recently looked at!!!, Regards!!!

  4. odd but interesting that Opel was able to do that weird belt-line kick and floating roof far better than Nissan has in the Murano or the godawful Maxima.

  5. Vince you are right again. This is really nice design inside and outside! GM Europe/USA is on a roll here and really showing all comers how to design and build a buyers car. This Opel should find itself in a lot of European driveways!

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