2016/17 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Not sure if this is the “big” Land Cruiser we know here in the US.
Or the smaller one for Europe, which is a Toyota version of out Lexus GX.
(This is obviously a European version of something…)

Either way it’s pretty… Old looking. To say the least.
This feels like a previous generation Lincoln Navigator. At best. Or something from the late 80’s.

I can’t tell if it is all new either.

Not something I am looking forward to see in the streets…

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  1. You are a cars guy.. how come you did not recognize the LC200.. the big land cruiser (toyota version of LX570)

  2. Vince, I totally agree…. there seems to be a broad lack of innovation in styling across the industry. What does this say about us? This is about as exciting as a stale piece of toast.

  3. This looks like the “big” Land Cruiser (sometimes designated “Land Cruiser 200”) Not the Land Cruiser Prado (or “150”, Lexus GX in North America).

  4. I thought the Lexus GX was a "badge engineered" Toyota Highlander. This photo looks like Lexus's current largest SUV (a re-badged Land Cruiser) with cheaper tail lights and a cheaper grill. Doesn't look "new" at all. Given the fact that neither the Land Cruiser or it's re-badge Lexus look-alike sell in the triple digets, I can't get too concerned about this one way or the other–even if it were more than it appears to be here!

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