2017 Chrysler Minivan. EV!

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minivan chrysler 2017 new dodge ev electric

Yes. This one says EV on it.

So it looks like Chrysler will offer a plug-in hybrid version of their upcoming Minivan.
Or maybe a pure EV?
Either way, they could be the only one to do so. I haven’t heard of anything like that coming from anyone else. (A plug-in Minivan)

On these prototypes, the front end does look like a version of the new 200 sedan. So I guess that’s the “new face” for Chrysler. (No more huge chrome grilles)

And the back still has these “Durango like” tail lights. Which is still kind of weird.
Since this isn’t a Dodge. Unless they changed their minds and the next Minivan goes to Dodge?
But then, what about that Chrysler face?

What do you think?

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  1. I don't think those are Durango tail lights any more. They resemble Dodge only in that the perimeter is illuminated. Otherwise they look like JUMBO Chrysler 200 tail lights which is probably the idea.

  2. This will be a great new technology for the minivan segment and could be a game changer for Chrysler who is always the first to innovate in the minivan segment. It will likely be copied as plug in variants of ice powertrains are the only real world way that automakers are going to be able to achieve tighter cafe targets.

  3. This is Still a in Mule form so it will have other car parts tacked onto it. Chrysler always used Durango Liftgates on Minivan mules

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