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The XT5 will be replacing the popular SRX Crossover.

At first it does look a little weird to me. The front end looks like it was designed for larger headlights. There’s plenty of space for it. It just looks a bit off.
And the grille is big, yet seems too “soft”.

The rear looks like an SUV version of the ELR.
And the little black plastic part around rear hatch window disappear in a black car.
(On another color, the C pillar would look much thinner.)

It looks fine so far… Competition in that segment is crazy tough.
Everyone is doing a compact luxury crossover, or so it seems.

At least this has a personality. And it can’t be confused with an Acura.

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  1. The SRX is probably the ugliest SUV on the planet. This one is a toned down SRX, but no candidate for a beauty contest. Cadillac has design and pricing problem for a subpar reliabilty brand. Trying to be luxury, but no cigar.

  2. Doesn't do anything at all for me. Another fill in the blank style job, this time from Cadillac. Zzzz. And what's with those fake windows on either side of the hatch? That looks terrible.

  3. June 26, 2015 at 2:08 AM
    No, I think Lexus still takes the prize for ugliest SUV on the planet–easliy!

  4. This is another Chevrolet Orlando-based SUV. Exactly the same size as the Orlando, and with the exact proportion of the Buick Envision. And watch out how much more profit they can make on this frame! We call it marketing, "How can you make your product upmarket"!

  5. Anonymous at 2:45:

    It's on an entirely new platform, so in no way is it Chevrolet Orlando-based (which is, itself, based on the Cruze). Same goes for the commenter referencing the Equinox.

  6. As a BMW owner I gotta confess…Cadillac S T Y L E is far and above anything at (or below) it's price range. Now this thing is certainly no CT6 or Escalade–BUT; it's a heck of a lot more distinctive than equally priced cuv's from Mercedes, Jeep, BMW or Lincoln; it's as least equal to the Land Rover Evoq and the new V90; and it's CLEARLY several levels above the "near-luxury" attempts by Infinity, Lexus, Dodge or Audi. (Of course I give extra points for uniqueness).

  7. I think the current SRX looks much better than this monstrosity.

    The Lincoln crossovers (MKC and next gen MKX) look much better than this. It may be more distinctive looking than the Lincoln designs, but it's definitely not better.

  8. OMG! Really? Cadillac subpar reliability? Is it my imagination or does BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Audi all have SUBPAR RELIABILITY? Hate to tell you this, but all luxury brands have this issue, or does your point of view ONLY see domestic car issues. I laughed out loud when I read this absurd commentary on Cadillac. Do your research before you sound off!!!

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