VW Lamando = 2017 VW Jetta?

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There is a new rumor about the next VW Jetta.
Apparently, it could be very similar to the recently introduced Lamando.
The Lamando is, so far, a model sold only in China.
But China and the US already share the larger “non German” Passat.
So why not the Jetta (Which doesn’t sell well in Europe anyway)

The Lamando does look like a next generation Jetta.
And the timing could be right. If introduced a bit over a year from now, it could be a 2017 Model.

Even though it does look more modern than the current Jetta. By then it will have to compete with cars like the all new Civic, Cruze etc…
So no matter what, the Jetta will stay a very conservative choice.

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  1. Hope this information is true. This looks like.a sporty mini-CC-Pssat.
    I believe it could be right for the American market.

  2. Hope the rumors are true. This looks like a mini CC Passat, that would be awesome for American and European markets.

  3. I believe VW and Audi are both stuck in a severe design rut. Both brands need to shake things up a bit design-wise.

  4. Wouldn't make much sense to bring what is apparently a less capacious, higher-content vehicle to replace the Jetta in the US market when they went to such trouble to decontent and supersize its Passat stablemate.

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