2016 Chevrolet Camaro convertible video

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OK, first, make sure you turn down the sound. Way down.
As the soundtrack on this video is horrible. (And I mean, horrible!)

But the car! The car in that color looks pretty amazing. The interior seems far ahead of the new Mustang as well.
Not sure how much more the new Camaro will be, but the all automatic top alone is worth more than the Mustang.

Really, I cannot wait to see these on the road.

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  1. I hate when automatic transmission shifters are disguised as a manual shifter. Will this come as a real car with a 6 speed? It is a nice looking car but… the geriatric shifter is lame.

  2. I was really disappointed how unrefined the Mustang still is. I wanted to like it. But after owning german cars, and seeing the amazing engines offered by Ford and Chevy, I was hoping that my next car would be less sedate and… less German. But the Mustang is lacking the details that reinforce that your money was well spent. It isn't as if the Mustang is a bargain, so it's time that it grows up.

    Chevy realizes that a hard tonneau indicates a higher level of engineering and refinement. Perhaps the Camaro has achieved what the Mustang didn't. One thing that it doesn't seem to have are deployable rollover hoops like most german cars have. Seeing as so many Camaro owners find it so difficult to keep the shiny side up, it would have been good to have this feature.

  3. Vince the placement of the 3rd brake light looks like an eye sore! It's too small, non LED, cheap looking! They should have at least intergrated it into the spoiler or followed suite to what they did with the Vette. The mustang got it right! The small details.

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