2016 Chevrolet Silverado

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In that version, the new front end looks more subtle than ever. Well, maybe not ever. But at least the last 15 years, where grilles have been getting bigger and bigger with every redesign.

The main other news is the new 8 speed automatic. And Apple car play or Android Auto inside.

I am not a truck person. At all. But I drove the Silverado a while a ago for a week and was pretty impressed.
Although when driven back to back with the  new F150, the Ford seems to have the edge as a daily driver.
But, what do I know….

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  1. This is a surprising update! I've never seen a truck redo in such a short amount of time. The last gem was a staple for 7 years, longer than even Ford.

  2. So no new "GM 10-speed?" Is GM copying the Chrysler-ZF 8-speed that is in everything from RAM to Chrysler 300 to Audi A7 & A8 to Maserati to BMW 5/6/7 series to Jeep???

  3. Vince I like it and I think it works a whole lot better than the current front end on the Silverado.

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