2016 Honda Accord

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 The Accord gets a slight restyle for the new year. (Which means an all new one is about 2 years away)

Not sure what version is pictured here, but it sure does NOT look like an improvement.
I mean, look at the chrome on that grille.
Ugly side skirts,dark wheels etc…(This must be some “sport” version)
It follows that weird design theory of “more lines is better”.

I think this is really bad… Just when you think the Accord is pretty boring, they make it ugly.
it now looks like a Chinese version of the current model.

Besides being more vulgar now, it gets Apple Car Play and Android Auto. (EX and EX-L models)
And a bunch of “autonomous safety features” that I really don’t care for.
As these are mostly for people who don’t like driving anyway.

Here is the current model.
A paragon of class compared to the 2016 design .

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  1. Vince you must be wearing different glasses than mine. All they have changed is the front and the rear look. Besides the grille, which is not my favourite change, everything else looks spot on to me. I have driven the current Sport version and I can say it is a fantastic car. Not many people know it.

  2. I've never owned a Honda, looked at them in the showroom just recently, but was unimpressed with MPG & safety tests that weren't quite up to competitors like Mazda 6 and Chrysler 200; in spite of Accord's besting the Optima, Legacy and Camry by miles & miles! And although the interior quality wasn't up to the 2015 & 2016 Mazda & Chrysler; Accord was clearly better than popular rivals like Camry, Sonata, Optima and Legacy though. And although uglier in dash layout than say, Altima–it had a safety rating much better than Altima and up there with Subaru Forester and Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart (all IIHS top pick PLUS ratings.) This latest design? An IMPROVEMENT. Makes it look more ACURA and less of a cheap, generic Toyota. And enough to make me go back to Honda and take a look (which I had no intention of doing for the next few years) So for me, It does the trick. I like the BMW-style LED tail lights; and the Acura/Cadillac-style LED headlights. (Cad runs them vertically). So overall, I see the change as a positive. I'll reserve final judgement till I sit in one though.

  3. Aside from the styling, looks like the Accord will have LED headlamps on a high trim level. It is amazing how quickly "luxury" features trickle down to lower models.

  4. Corolla's have LED headlights on all trims. It's more gimmick than luxury IMO because they do not perform any better than conventional headlights and are actually maybe worse.

  5. LED headlights and led running lights are very very different creatures. Ballsy of Honda to apparently go with the much more sophisticated and innovative LED headlights. First in its class if so.

  6. July 26, 2015 at 2:19 AM LED's come on quicker, are brighter (equally as bright when cold or hot outside — unlike bulbs) and don't burn out as frequently. I haven't noticed them on Corollas (Corollas seem to blend easily into the scenery) but I do love them on the Chryslers (200 / 300 / minivan) and the BMW's (3/4/5/6 & new 7)

  7. its not LED's that make or break a car, it's how they are used with other design elements. In this case, they are using a similar grill to Acura, which, since acura went this way, they have seen a decline in sales…why?, it's BUTT ugly! big mistake honda…yuk!

  8. Way to make the TLX even less relevant. It's as if Honda is trying to undermine and eliminate their "luxury" arm.. and it's probably about time. At this point they should just roll the RLX (as the Legend) and NSX under the Honda brand umbrella and ditch everything else.

  9. vince think once had an old Honda that gave many problems, whenever I read your comments about honda more review , I see rejection in vince about honda.

  10. The current Accord is very conservative, but it's purposeful and looks well built. Unlike the previous two generations of Accord, no one looks dumb driving a 2015 Accord. The updates aren't an improvement, and look a bit juvenile. They must have poached Toyota designers who think "moar swoopy = moar better"

  11. Honda woke up and realized that the right size and design wheels make up 50% of the appearance of the car. The only reason previous models did not look very nice is because of the wrong wheels. This looks great, and if I might say expensive, if you remove the badge.

  12. what a train wreck….I'm about 99% certain now that I am goingg to pony up the extra $ and get a 2016 Lexus ES instead of the 2016 Accord Touring….

  13. July 29, 2015 at 5:39 PM Been looking at all the cars in this price range lately. Like the ergonamics by far the best in the Mazda6 (i controler) but the wind noise and harsh ride are turnoffs. Avalon and Chrysler 200 are much quieter and smoother–but Chrysler only gets 35mpg; and the Toyota only 31. I think the Lexus ES is even worse–in spite of quite, ride, fit & finish being equal to the Toyota & Chrysler. The Fusion/MKZ is quiet too–but the mileage slips and the quality of materials not quite as nice–nor are the ergonamics. And of Course safety ratings (IIHS+) are best on the Chrysler; with Ford,avalon, malibu & Mazda close — Lexus a bit further off than those. I'd even buy an Avalon before buying a re-badged (Avalon) called Lexus. But to each his own, I guess. Accord, for now comes up a bit short all the way around. But at least the new lights bring it up to the lights of Lexus & Chrysler.

  14. "I'm about 99% certain now that I am goingg to pony up the extra $ and get a 2016 Lexus ES…"

    These are your two options? You are the most boring person on earth.

  15. LOL , true, this dud, i meant dud , not dude, choosing between two of the worst going …hahahahaha

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