2016 Infiniti Q30

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Finally, the real thing.
Looking almost exactly like the concept.

It is basically a Mercedes A Class with an Infiniti design and interior.
Which is not bad. As it does look really good.
Much better than the A Class, I think.

There will be a crossover QX30 version which will, of course, compete with its GLA cousin.

The Q30 you see here is scheduled to arrive in the US next spring.
While the QX30 is a year away.

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  1. I liked that front end on the Mazda cx-5 and it looks just as good here. The rear window kink is good too–because without it we wouldn't know whether this was an Infinity or a Nissan. Or a Kia. Or a Mazda. Or any of a half a dozen other generic 4-seat cuv's in the $15k – $39k price range. And there would be absolutely no way for on-lookers to know that this is trying to be a luxury vehicle intended to impress us. I'll bet it rides as smooth and plush as an empty Mazda and corners as crisply as an over-loaded Rav 4. Probably has the quiet solitude of a Land Rover Defender, as well. Why did they make this?

  2. gorgeous….with Nissan, Infiniti, Renault and Mercedes working together, I think the products will get better and better and they will be unstoppable.

  3. too tall, too busy, too much chrome, and the black in the arches does not help. The color isn't very attractive either. I had high hopes for this but those hopes are fading away.

  4. The QX version will probably not have enough storage in the rear due to its sloping roof. It does not look very practical.

  5. A friend recently got a GLA45 AMG. Rides wonderfully, sharp handling, terrific grunt and amazing bark. But the tiny greenhouse – which makes it, and this Q30, look pretty cool – is rather impractical.

    I admire Infiniti's effort here, as I think they've successfully designed a radical body without it looking ugly or stupid (cough, NX, cough). And what is not to love about a sporting hatchback?

    As for the tiresome comments claiming that 'this car looks like all the other cars'. Yes, if you are blind or ignorant, that is possible. I can spot this car at a quarter mile. Doesn't even much resemble the CLA/GLA on which it's based. But go ahead, tell us that you – a car enthusiast, I presume – can't tell apart a Murano from a Q30. You are so cool.

  6. Hideous mess of lines…unattractive color and a bizarre stying theme that keeps me from liking any recent Infiniti.

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