2016 Kia Sportage

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I drove the current model for a week a few years ago and was actually pretty impressed.
Plus, it looked really good. And pretty original compared to most of its competition.
( I think it still looks great)

This “next” one is basically a new design on the same theme. Just like what they did with the new Optima sedan.
But, just like with the Optima, it lost a lot in the redesign.
It’s not as simple, pure. It has way too many lines now. The grille is also separated. (Trying to make it look more aggressive???)
The really cool thick chrome line on the C-pillar is gone.

This kind of looks like a Chinese copy of the current design.
It’s not as mature at all.

So far, not a big fan….

After looking at recent spy photos. These above do look fake.
Especially that side window leading to there C-Pillar.
So, there is still hope ….

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  1. Bat-mobile version of the current one. Ugly. This cannot stand the comparison with all-new Tucson

  2. OK.

    Vince, you're not photoshopping again, are you? This does not look like the genuine article…

  3. Yeah…these aren't your images Vince. They're from squir.com and have since been removed (odds are because they are, in fact, very accurate).

    Also, they do actually almost perfectly line up with the spyshots, save for a few minor details.

  4. You shouldve known it was fake because the person that did it left their name on the plates, "3DSquirt"

  5. Ok so i don't care for it or like it to much. I hope this isn't real, I don't normally look at the license plate, but to the person 2 comments above, nice call on noticing the license plate being odd, but there isn't a "t" at all, so it is just plain ole "3D Squir" which could be "square"….

    anyways i still don't like it, need to see the interior to really know.

  6. Pretty sure this is a really good rendering by one of the fantastic 3D artists out there, but I imagine the accuracy of the details may be way off.. particularly the D-pillar trim, headlights and front fascia. I do like it though.

  7. Carscoops released some new spy shots today and they definitely seem to confirm the validity of these. Unfortunately. The interior doesn't look to great so far either.

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