2016 Kia Sportage

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Here is a new picture of a Sportage prototype (caught in Europe)

I am trying to compare it to one of the pictures I posted a couple of days ago.
(I was really hoping for these to be fake.)
And they do look really close. But still fake to me. Or not?

What do you think???

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  1. Let's hope so Vince. The renderings may be close but definitely not of the real thing. The rear wiper blade is different and the the gas tank in the spy photo is on the the driver side. This could be a left hand drive vs right drive thing, but more likely to be a lazy fake rendering. The rendering is this post doesn't even had a steering wheel lol

  2. ^^ Anonymous, note that the taillights on the rendering have the same lighting elements inside (just not lit up) as the spied prototype.. and also note that the license plate on the rendering indicates the photo has been reversed (meaning the fuel filler door is likely on the same side as the prototype). Sadly, I fear this rendering is accurate.. and far less distinctive than the current model.

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