2016 Lexus ES

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 No big news.

The Lexus ES is another car many people love to hate.

Although it sells very well. (Over 72 000 units last year. )
That’s because it does its job very well. And this little update really makes the car look better.
The grille finally works.
They have finally figured out about how to make the lower line of the headlights match the middle of that grille. So it doesn’t look “off” anymore.

It looks like the interior didn’t get anything new. It already looked fine and luxurious.
And the engines are pretty much the same. (You can still get the 40MPG hybrid version. Which is pretty amazing for a luxury car)

Here is the “before the grille design was fixed” version….

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  1. Vince, I never noticed this detail with the grill/headlight alignment before. Even though the bottom of the headlight does not intersect with the grill, it still flows, but the upper part of the grill does look attached and droops down. I will not be able to in-see this now!

    – FusioptimaSX

  2. Looks more like a face-lifted Camry than ever before. It's still ugly. Exaggerated grills/front ends like this simply doesn't work on any car. Audi is the only car company that does it well, but it's still too much.

  3. The hideous front grill is totally detached from the rest of the car. It does not work even with the lights lining up. The look is gimmicky and will never last in my opinion. nice interior with exception of the awkward and ugly steering wheel… it looks out of place compared to the nice lines of the interior.. hmmmm just like the front grill… I'm seeing a pattern.

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