2017 Lexus LS?

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Not sure actually.
This looks really close to the current model. (Silver car on the bottom)
But it also looks a bit different. So it could be the new one. Who knows….

An all new LS Sedan is due out in October.  That we know.

We also know it will be based on an all new platform.
A coupe version will join the line up soon after the sedan.
The base model (At least in Japan) could be powered by a new 2.5 Liter Turbo 4. With a 10 speed auto.

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  1. omg, there is going to be a coupe LS? what the hell is happening. That will be a very large car. What are they going against, a Bentley?

  2. @Chad Michael Willson, no…this is the new SC that will be aimed at the S-Class Coupe.

    @Anonymous at 7:09, they're still plenty popular among those that can afford it and China is a huge market for large sedans (with a driver).

  3. they're still plenty popular among those that can afford it

    What does afffordability have to do with large cars? Only large cars are expensive?

  4. Maybe these are super-high-end models targeted towards the country where most of the new millionaires and billionaires are coming from today, and for years to come: CHINA.

  5. as usual….a very bland , very boring, typical toyota product, and…. overpriced to the n'th degree….j is j

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