Nissan Qashqai coming to the US.

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 Weird unexpected news… The “smaller than Rogue” will be sold in the US for 2016.
It is about 10 inches shorter, and of course, only seats 5 (The Rogue does have a 3rd row option)

But, after seeing a few in Europe, it does look sportier than the Rogue.
At first they almost look the same. But they are not.

 Here is the rear view of our good old US Rogue. Roomier, larger. But more of a “family car” feel than the shorter Qashqai.

Inside. Things are actually pretty much the same.
So if you don’t really need more than 5 seats, the Qashai will do just fine.

Which could be a problem for the Rogue.
The same way the Rogue is a problem for the larger (but not that much better) Pathfinder.

The top engine in Europe is a new 1.6 Liter Turbo with 150HP. With CVT.
Probably what we’ll get over here.
(A smaller 1.2 Liter with 115HP and 6 speed manual is also available there on the base model)

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  1. Tough niche. Chevy Equinox (aka GMC Terrain) & Subaru Forester are the safest. Mazda CX-5 has the best interior ergonomically–due to the slick "controller" BMW-style dial & screen. Dodge Journey is the best "value" in terms of price & features. Jeep Cherokee is by far the most sophisticated and technologically advanced–and the absolute best in snow or off-road. And a lot of them get up to 32 MPG or better with a 4-banger (35 in the Mazda, I think). And then there are a zillion other generics from Honda's grotesque CR-V to the poor handling & dull-as-a-marble RAV-4. Add in the misfits from Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, and the occasional odd-duck from Buick, Ford & Nissans bizarre Juke and this new design has definitely got it's work cut out for it. Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly scream "buy me".

  2. The side looks like the SantaFe Sport and the taillights look like a Focus. If they offered it with a manual transmission and AWD I could see it offering something different for this class (the Forester is the only vehicle offering such a combo currently).

  3. outstanding, i sat in one at the nissan texas intro to dealers, a winner. compete with smaller entries very well

  4. Anonymous at 9:56 on 7/13: You realize you're discussing two separate classes right? Equinox/Terrain, Forester, CX-5, CR-V, etc. are C segment crossovers while the Encore, Juke, HR-V, etc. are B segment crossovers. This would end up closer to the B segment than the C segment.

  5. As long as they call it something other than a Qashqai, this will not only compete well with the subcompact SUVs on the market such as the Honda HR-V, Chevy Trax, Mazda CX-3, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and Subaru Crosstrek, but will probably eliminate the Nissan Juke. It looks like it'll be a huge hit.

  6. the Qashkwai is a lot better looking than the Rogue, which is a little dorky. Name is brutal though.

    Similar in some ways to the Santa Fe Sport. But better. Is it more comparable in size to CX3 and HRV? Or to Escape?

  7. Now I understand why they've kept the previous-generation Rogue Select around for the past few years.. it's a niche they need to fill. Just like they kept the Versa hatch around until the Note was ready for export.

  8. I think Rogue Sport will be the exact name they use.. and perhaps there will even be a slightly restyled Infiniti QX40 version?

  9. Typical Nissan…decent looking product that will absolutely suck for QC and completely fall apart after 125,000km's.

  10. i live in France and own one of these beauties…I have 218,000 km on it…..It's perfect, C'est Magnifique!!!

  11. Nissan was just named as the top selling Asian brand in Europe, unseating toyota….it's startin now folks and a big reason is this vehicle. get ready, Nissan is flying high. become a Nissan dealer….it's time!

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