2016 Citroen DS4 and new Crossback version

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The DS4 is getting a few changes. Mostly the front end.

Strangely enough, it is loosing all its Citroen logos. So now it’s just a DS4.
Which seems a bit strange. Unless Citroen really wants to establish “DS” as its own upscale brand.
(Although they are still sold at the same dealerships?)

A new Crossback model is just a raised version of the DS4.
Which could turn out to be quite popular. This what VW is doing with pretty much all their models in Europe.

This is the current model. For those of us who have never seen a Citroen DS4.
I was fortunate to be in Europe a few months ago and saw quite a few of these on the roads.
And they do look really good in person.

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  1. From what I understand, Citroen intends on spinning DS off into its own brand separate and more upmarket from Citroen. This facelift seems to indicate that direction.

    It's a cool looking little car, but I'm not sure how well a premium hatch model would sell here in the states. The Crossback version might make a minor impact in the U.S. market, but I don't think the regular version would (no matter how cool it looks).

  2. The DS branding is kind of unique at a Citroen dealership. The DS models I saw at my local dealer in Italy were all the same colour and tucked away in their own nook of the showroom. It felt kind of like going to a clothing store and seeing normal clothes on the rack vs. the well-styled complete outfits you see on the mannequins.

  3. Yes, they sell it side-by-side with Citroens in more rural areals, whereas in bigger cities they want to create "DS-only" showrooms. First in China, then in Europe. According to DS´s product chief Vincent Devos, the DS-line of cars is the most likely brand to enter the US market.

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