2016 Honda Accord Coupe

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Another day, another car gets uglier.

No surprises here really, since we saw the revised (uglified) sedan version a few days ago.
The 2016 is the blue one on top.

And, again, it makes the current model look really classy. (Which it isn’t, really)
The current design, which wasn’t fantastic to begin with, now looks pretty great next to the new horrific front end.

I mean, how vulgar can a car get?
Maybe the trend will stop with the next generation? Maybe? Please?

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  1. With the exception of Mazda and Infiniti, it seems that all the other Japanese companies are competing to see who can design the ugliest face for their vehicles. Despite Honda's bold attampts to compete here, I think Lexus is still winning (see the LX below).

  2. I think itt looks mpressive, although toning down the chrome on the grill of the sedan would have been my preference. Good job Honda.

  3. …this is starting grow on me….you know…like herpes or syphilis

    I am sure you speak from experience. Watch out where you dip it next time.

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