2016 Lexus GS

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I am actually not really sure what to think of this.

In a way, that new oversized grille does add some personality to the super boring design.
But, it also seems out of place with the rest of the car.
Just like it does on most other Lexus models. (It could be better with the next generations, where it might be more integrated)

The Lexus GS is a very nice car, and the addition of a cheaper model with a 2.0 Liter Turbo will make it even more popular.
I am surprised to see that many of these around Los Angeles.
I was curious how popular it actually is.
So here are some sale numbers for 2014:

-Lexus GS:              22 198
-Infiniti Q70:           5034
-Mercedes E Class: 66 400 (Includes coupe & convertible)
-BMW 5 series:      52 704
-Audi A6:               23 941
-Cadillac CTS:       31 115

This is all pretty interesting.
The Germans obviously dominate that market. I also had no idea how popular the E Class was in the US. Over 66 000 sold!
It looks like Infiniti is really struggling. Even though the Q70 is a really nice car.
(That could be an amazing used car buy)

And the CTS does better than I though. (Although there might be quite a few rentals in that number)

One last thing: imagine that new GS grille with a license plate….

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  1. The grill looking out of place is common across the entire Lexus Lineup. Basically Lexus has just grafted these hideous new grills on all their 2006 models and called them new. Classic old GM move, now copied by Toyota.

  2. Good God! Does that exaggerated from end add 8 inches to the overall length of the car or what? Can Lexus make an uglier car? oh, yeah…scroll down Burlapp's page and you'll see an even uglier car (SUV). No thank you!

  3. Okay.

    The first and third generation designs got it right. The second and fourth (current) generations are swings-and-misses. The grill does not help at all.

  4. Um…the grille is as bad as the Acura beak. It is simply a bad imitation of Audi's grille, which also at times breaks records of design tackiness.

  5. Who at Toyota thought "gaping catfish mouth" was going to be the next big styling trend in the automotive industry? This same obtrusive design is also on their new Scion iA and it's just offensive to the eye.

  6. No matter how many I see on the road, no matter what model, Lexus front ends are now among the most hideous. Although I love their interiors, I would never buy one of these current designs.

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